Tasting Notes – La Croix Montjoie La Voluptueuxe

La Croix Montjoie La Voluptueuxe

It’s always nice when someone brings you a souvenir from their holiday, but this gift made me really happy. Friends took a trip to Burgundy, France, and gave us a beautiful bottle of Chardonnay!

Bourgogne Vèzelay

The bottle of wine comes from Vézelay. The appellation Bourgogne Vézelay is located in the south of the Yonne department, in the Burgundy region, between Chablis and Beaune. It is a small appellation that covers about 100 hectares in the villages of Tharoiseau, Saint-Père, Vézelay and Asquins.

La Croix Montjoie La Voluptueuxe chardonnay
La Croix Montjoie La Voluptueuxe

Domaine La Croix Montjoie

In 2009 Sophie en Matthieu Woillez created the estate La Croix Montjoie in Tharoiseau. The winery offers a lovely view of the church of Sainte Marie-Madeleine in Vézelay. This used to be a major pilgrimage site for pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela. The winery is named after the cross located at the crossroads between Vézelay and Tharoiseau, an important landmark for the pilgrims.

The vineyards of La Croix Montjoie cover 10 hectares of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the grapes of Burgundy. The vines are grown in a stony clay limestone soil that contains Gryphea gigantea (oysters) fossils. In this part of France the climate is continental : the winter can be harsh, and during the summer the days can be warm but the nights remain cool. The vineyards face south and this provides ideal conditions for the grapes to grow and ripen.

Chardonnay uit Bourgogne

Tasting notes

La Croix Montjoie produces different styles of wine and one of them is La Voluptueuxe. A Chardonnay that aged for 12 months on old and new oak casks.

When we opened the bottle, the first thing we noticed was the smell of oak and vanilla.

The wine has a beautiful deep golden color. The oak and vanilla aromas remain present, but after giving the wine a gentle swirl we also noticed aromas of citrus fruit, yellow apples, flowers and a delicate aroma of toast.

After looking at the wine and sniffing at it, now comes the fun part. The tasting itself.
La Voluptueuxe is a full-bodied, intense and dry Chardonnay. First I taste the vanilla aroma, but it is well-balanced with aromas of white peach, honey, blossom and a subtle grapefruit note. The wine has a warm alcoholic finish.

This wine lives up to its name, because it really is voluptueuxe!

La Voluptueuxe proefnotitie
Wine tasting notes of La Voluptueuxe


What is your favorite Burgundy Chardonnay?

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  1. Wow, that’s a lovely souvenir to bring back as a gift! I’m not really a chardonnay fan, I prefer a pinot grigio or cabernet sauvignon although this chardonnay does sound delicious 🙂 Lisa

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