5 Must Have Wine Books

Must Have Wine Books

I love wine.

Last year I decided to do the WSET 1 and WSET 2 course. I passed them both with distinction and if I learned one thing, it’s that you can learn a lot about wine by tasting a lot of different wines. Wines from different grape varieties, from different regions and different climats..

But off course you can also learn a lot by reading about wine. My wine book collection is growing and these are my 5 must have wine books for wine lovers.

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1. Wine Folly

The book I would recommend to all wine lovers – beginners, intermediate and advanced – is Wine Folly by Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack. This is a practicle guide with easy to understand information about different wine countries, 100 grape varieties and food & wine pairings. The book is filled with delightful illustrations and fun infographics. I use this book when I’m tasting a new wine or when I want to look up something about a specific grape.

2. The World Atlas of Wine

Not a book to carry around with you (it’s large and pretty heavy) or to read cover to cover. Still this atlas by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson is definitely a must have!

“The most useful single volume on wine ever published… If I owned only one wine book, it would be this one.”

According to wine writer Andrew Jefford. Pretty much all wine countries are covered in the The World Atlas of Wine. The book is filled with topographic maps and I mostly use this book to look up information about specific wine regions.

3. Windows on the World – Complete Wine Course

Windows on the World is the textbook of the wine course by Kevin Zraly. He was an educator and the founder of the Windows on the World Wine School, that was located at the Windows on the World restaurant on the top floors of the World Trade Center. This book is a wonderful beginners introduction to the world of wine. It reads like a course book and in the side bars you can find interesting facts. There is also a quiz to test yourself about your wine knowledge.

4. The History of Wine in 100 Bottles

Winemaking is as old as civilization itself. 8000 years ago, people already produced wine. A lot had changed and a lot has happened since. Oz Clarke has collected the historically important moments for wine in The History of Wine in 100 Bottles. His story starts 6000 bC, when Georgian winemakers produced wine in kveri’s (large clay jars) and ends in 2014, with wine fraudster Rudi Kurniawan. Clarke’s writing style is very entertaining and easy to read. This is a must read for wine enthusiasts.

5. Champagne

Last, but not least.. Champagne by Peter Liem. My husband gave me this book as a present when I passed my WSET 2 course. It was on my wish list for some time and I adore this book! It is gorgeous! This is a boxed set that contains a beautiful and informative book about Champagne by expert Peter Liem and a set of wonderful maps of the Champagne region. The book is filled with amazing photographs and it’s an in-depth reference about the Champagne region, it’s history, the production and the producers. A must have for all Champagne lovers.

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What is your must have wine book?


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  1. These books sound really interesting, especially The World Atlas of Wine. I find different regions in relation to wines so interesting!

  2. It is interesting that there are wine books. I love learning about wine and it is so cool that there is still wine that dates a long duration. Wow, 600BC is a long time for the history of wine! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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