Bullet Journal – Postcrossing Tracker

In 2017 I started with Bullet Journaling. For 2018 I started in a new journal. I write down my plans and goals, but I also like to make lists and track things. One of the things I track in my Bullet Journal are the postcards I send with Postcrossing.

What is Postcrossing?
Postcrossing is a project that allows you to send and recieve postcards from all over the world. You can sign up for free. After signing up, you can request an address of a random member. Now you can write and send a postcard. For each postcard you send, you will receive one back.

On two pages of my Bullet Journal I made drawings of small envelopes. On those envelopes I can track when I send a postcard (left page) and when I receive a postcard (right page). I write down the date, the country from where the postcard came or where I send it to, the distance the postcard has traveled and how many days the card took to arrive.

Things I used to create this page;

Are you a Postcrossing member?


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  1. This IS great idea. I think I will copy IT to my bullet journal. Thank you for The inspiration!