Bullet Journal – 25 Habit Tracker ideas

What is a Habit Tracker?

Every month I include a Habit Tracker in my Bullet Journal. It’s one of the things I love about my Bullet Journaling and it’s one of the things that boosts my productivity. It’s a chart which allows me to keep track of my habits and to see how I’m progressing. It’s a helpful tool to manage my time and to see what I do on a daily (or not so daily) basis. Also Habit Trackers are a great way to save you time re-writing the same tasks multiple times per week to remind you to do those tasks.

Habit Tracker

How to set up your Habit Tracker?

I setup my Habit Tracker in my Leuchtturm. The dot grid makes the chart easy to draw. All you need is a row for each day and another row for each habit you want to track. (Tip: Start with writing down the last date and work back from there. If you start with the first date, you could run out of space for writing down the last day..)

You can make a weekly or a monthly Habit Tracker. Or both!

At the end of each day I like to sit down and fill in my Habit Tracker, by filling in the boxes of the habits I did do. I like to color in a small dot with my Stabilo 68 pens, but you can also put check marks in the boxes or put a ‘X’ in them. You can make it as pretty as you want. I like to draw a pretty header each month. You can also play around with washi tape. It’s all up to you!

How to setup a monthly Habit Tracker.

What can you track in your Habit Tracker?

The possibilities are endless.. But here is a list of 25 things you can track to get you started;

  1. Eat healthy.
  2. Water intake.
  3. Wake up on time.
  4. Go to bed on time.
  5. Steps.
  6. Exercise.
  7. Meditate.
  8. Put on night crème.
  9. Read a book.
  10. Write in a journal.
  11. Draw.
  12. Cleaning.
  13. Water plants.
  14. Recycle.
  15. Cook at home.
  16. Grocery shopping.
  17. No money spent.
  18. Transfer money to savings.
  19. Pay the bills.
  20. Work,
  21. School.
  22. Blog.
  23. Etsy shop.
  24. Instagram.
  25. Twitter.

Get started!

I’m sure you can come up with endless more things to track in your Habit Tracker. Are you using a Habit Tracker yet?

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