5 Reasons to Keep a Journal

For as long as I can remember I love journals, pens, drawing and writing. I have a box full of old diaries, holiday scrapbooks and other notebooks from the past years. Still I journal almost every day.

I keep a Bullet Journal for my daily appointments, tasks and lists.

I have a Junk Journal for memory keeping.

And I have a journal in which I write for half an hour (almost) every day. I write about what happened, how I feel, what my wishes are, what my fears are.. This is a personal notebook in which I write everything that I can possibly think about.

This morning I was reflecting about why I enjoy journaling. Here are five reasons why I love to write.

My journals.

My daily notebook.

1. You can be you.

You can write whatever you like. You can be hysterically happy, angry, sad, weird, complicated and unreasonable. Your notebook and pen won’t judge you and they will not tell anybody. You can be honest, without consequences.

2. You can keep memories.

Keep memories in your journals by writing about events (in detail) and by adding photos and other memorabilia. I cherish my old journals and like to browse through them to see what I have been up to. From time to time I look through my old Bullet Journal to see what movies I’ve watched or what restaurants I’ve been to.. Everything can be easily retrieved.

3. You can get creative.

You can do a lot more than just write in a journal. Of course it’s okay to just write, that’s completely up to you (reason number 1; You can be you). But if you like, you can draw, cut, paste, paint, scrapbook.. You can be as creative as you want to be and find new ways to keep your memories.

4. You can clear your mind.

By writing about how my day was (both positive and negative), I can clear my mind. I write down how I feel and I use my journal as an outlet. Sometimes it helps to make lists. When I have a busy day ahead of me, writing a list can make me feel more in control.

5. You can track your progress.

Everyone has goals, big or small. By writing about these goals, finding ways to accomplish them, making lists or by keeping a habit tracker in your Bullet Journal, you can track your progress.

My Junk Journal.

Do you keep a journal? What are your reasons?

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  1. Heel leuk Manon! Ik heb ook een Bullet Journal, maar doe er helaas te weinig mee momenteel. Te druk, andere prioriteiten. Heb wel van dit jaar een agenda die ik ietwat als BuJo in heb kunnen richten.
    Ik vind je Junk Journal erg gaaf trouwens!! Heel kunstig. Zo iets hoop ik ook ooit nog eens te gaan maken.

  2. I have always thought about keeping a journal, as a way to get all of the thoughts going on in my head, out! I might have to start one after reading this post x