The Joy of Christmas – Book Tag

The Joy of Christmas

Christmas is coming!
And that means it’s time to do some Christmas book tags!

Today I’m sharing the Joy of Christmas book tag, which was created by Sam’s Nonsense. And I’m sharing some pictures of my Christmas decorations!

Let’s get started..

The Joy of Christmas


The Christmas excitement is real, what book release are you most anticipating?
I’m really looking forward to The Binding by Bridget Collins. It is described as “an atmospheric and mystery-laden historical novel set within a magical world where books are not stories but the repository of individual lives”.. This book sounds like something I will adore!

Christmas Songs & Carols

What book or author can you not help but sing it’s praises?
The Helen Grace series by M.J. Arlidge. If you follow my blog or if you follow me on Twitter, it won’t surprise you that I love the thrillers by Arlidge. The detectives in this series are some of my faves (Helen Grace, Charlie Brooks) and his books are mysterious, chilling and very well-written.

Gingerbread Houses

What book or series has wonderful world building?
I loved the world building of Song of Blood & Stone by L. Penelope. The story of the two countries, Elsira and Lagrimari, is very well-thought-out. It was fascinating to read about this fantasy world and I wanted to learn more about the history of the countries.

The Joy of Christmas

A Christmas Carol

Favorite classic or one that you want to read
I actually haven’t read a lot of classics. I’ve read Pride & Prejudice in high school and I adored it. The story and the characters are beautiful. I would love to read Emma by Jane Austen too.
Also (this shouldn’t be a surprise either) I’m a hugh Sherlock fan. I have read A Study in Scarlet least 5 times and the other stories are still on my TBR.
Thinking about classics.. I could make a whole list of classic novels that are still on my TBR!

Christmas Sweets

What book would you love to receive for Christmas?
This is a hard question.. But lately I have been thinking about starting with a wine course in 2019, so I would love to receive a book about wine! I think Wine Isn’t Rocket Science by Ophélie Neiman would make a beautiful gift. It’s wonderful illustrated guide that I would like to add to my book collection.

Candles in the window

What book gives you that warm fuzzy feeling?
Harry Potter. And although it’s not my favorite book of the series, I get especially warm and fuzzy when re-reading The Philosopher Stone. I’ve read this novel countless times and I still adore it. Re-reading it feels nostalgic, safe and it always puts a smile on my face.

The Joy of Christmas

Christmas trees & decorations

What are some of your favorite book covers?
I love the covers of Caraval and Legendary. The colors are beautiful and they look so magical.

Christmas Joy

What are some of your favorite things about Christmas?
For me, the Christmas Joy starts with decorating the house. I love setting up my Christmas tree. Also I enjoy wearing my Christmas leggings or my Game of Thrones inspired Christmas sweater.
But what I like most about Christmas is spending time with the people I love. On Christmas Eve, we usually go to my parents. We have dinner and play board games with friends and family. On Christmas Day we visit my Boyfriend’s parents and his brother and sister-in-law. And on December 26th we always spend a day with our best friends. This year we’re going out for lunch and drinks.


What do you love  most about Christmas?

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