Book Review – Vicious Rumer by Joshua Winning

Vicious Rumer

Author: Joshua Winning
Published: April 24th 2018 by Unbound
Genre: New Adult / Thriller

Curious to know what this book is about and what I think of it?

I received an e-ARC from NetGalley and Unbound Digital.

Vicious Rumer

Rumer Cross is cursed. Scraping by working for a dingy London detective agency, she lives in the shadow of her mother, a violent criminal dubbed the ‘Witch Assassin’ whose bloodthirsty rampage terrorised London for over a decade.

Raised by foster families who never understood her and terrified she could one day turn into her mother, Rumer has become detached and self-reliant. But when she’s targeted by a vicious mobster who believes she’s hiding an occult relic, she’s drawn into the very world she’s been fighting to avoid.

Hunted by assassins and haunted by her mother’s dark legacy, Rumer must also confront a terrible truth: that she’s cursed, because no matter what she does, everybody she’s ever grown close to has died screaming.


Joshua Winning

Joshua Winning is an author and film journalist. In 2014, Sentinel – the first book in Joshua’s Sentinel Trilogy – was published. Joshua’s new novel, Vicious Rumer, is published by Unbound.

You can find Joshua Winning on Twitter.

Viciously good

I’ve never read anything by Joshua Winning before picking up this eARC of Vicious Rumer. His writing style was completely new to me and I was blown away by it. This book is so pure, dark and with rough edges.. I didn’t even know I liked this sort of novels until now.

Vicious Rumer is the story about Rumer Cross, a 19 year old girl who lives in London. It all starts with Rumer standing in front of a guy with a hammer in her hands, screaming “Tell me what she wants!” … Well, if that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t think anything will. Only two pages in and I was already asking questions; Who is ‘she’? Why is Rumer holding a hammer? What is happening?

Rumer is a fierce protagonist. She is cursed at birth and abandoned by her mother. Her mother, Celene Cross, was known as “The Witch Assassin” and to say Rumer has had a rough childhood is an understatement. She has been placed in numerous foster homes, all but one she disliked. Her past and the curse haunt her. This has made Rumer ruthless and suspicious, but who can blame her. Everyone who has ever gotten close to her has died and she blames herself for it.

“Our past doesn’t define us, Rumer. It’s always a part of us, like a foreign accent or a wrinkle, but we can grow beyond it.”

The book is fast-paced and it had sort of a comic book vibe. The villains were a bit over the top and some of the settings were too. But this didn’t bother me and, actually, I liked it. The story has a young adult horror feel to it, but it also has a lot of humour, and it was exhilarating from start to finish.

4 out of 5 stars.

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  1. I have never heard of this book but after reading your review I am thinking of checking it out. I don’t usually read horror but I would like to try it.

    Lucy //