Book Review – The Boy in the Headlights by Samuel Bjørk

The Boy in the Headlights

The Boy in the Headlights

Author: Samuel Bjørk
Published: September 2018 (English version will be published in March 2019)
Series: Holger Munch & Mia Kruger #3
Genre: Thriller

Want to know what this book is about and what I thought of it?


The Boy in the Headlights

Winter 1999. An old man is driving home when his headlights catch an animal on the empty road up ahead. He stamps hard on the brakes. But it is not an animal at all. It is a young boy, frightened and alone, with a set of deer antlers strapped firmly to his head.

Fourteen years later, a body is found in a mountain lake. Within weeks, three people have died. Each time, the killer has left a clue, inviting Special Investigations Detectives Munch and Krüger to play a deadly game – a game they cannot possibly win. Against the most dangerous and terrifying kind of serial killer. One who chooses their victims completely at random.

To find the killer they must look deep within their own dark pasts, but how can you stop a murderer when you cannot begin to predict their next move?



Samuel Bjørk

Samuel Bjørk is the pen name of Norwegian novelist, playwright and singer/songwriter Frode Sander Øien.

Bjørk’s first installment in the Mia and Munch Series, I’m Traveling Alone, is an international success story that has gained critical acclaim and captivated readers all over the world, including hitting #1 on German newspaper Der Spiegel‘s bestseller list.

Samuel Bjork

Munch and Kruger return!

When the new Samuel Bjørk novel was published in the Netherlands (October, 2018), I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the third book of the Munch & Kruger series. I adored the first two books of this series and I was very excited to read more about Mia and Holger.

The Boy in the Headlights starts of with a prologue set in 1999. A man is driving home in his car when he sees something on the road and he has to stop. At first he thinks it’s a deer, but when he looks closer he sees it’s a young boy with a pair of antlers strapped to his head.

The real story of this book begins with the spine-chilling discovery of the body of a ballerina in a mountain lake. She was killed and left in the water. On the embankment stands a tripod with a camera, directed at the 22-year old girl in the water. Holger Munch is the head detective on the case and he asks Mia Kruger to assist him one more time.

After the ballerina is found, two more bodies are discovered. The murders seem to be related, but the people who are killed have nothing in common with each other.

The book hints at the background stories of Holger and Mia, the detectives we got to know in I Travel Alone and The Owl Always Hunts at Night. Especially Mia’s story is of importance in this third book.

The Boy in the Headlights has a dramatic and very interesting start. From the first page, the story gripped me and I was hooked once again. Bjørk’s writing style is engaging and the mysteries he thinks up are intriguing.

But.. I didn’t like this book as much as I hoped I would. The first two books in this series left me speachless and in a reading slump. This one.. Not so much. It was a thrilling story and the background story of Mia Kruger gets more detail and depth. But there are a few loose ends and I feel like the ending was rushed. Still, I would recommend reading this book. Holger and Kruger are two amazing characters and I hope Bjørk will write more stories about this detective duo.

3,5 out of 5 stars.

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