Book Review – Creative Flow

Two days ago I walked into a bookshop and I stumbled upon a book between a few large stacks. The book has cheerful illustrations on the cover and I was drawn to it immediately.

The book is called ‘Creative Flow – A year in my mindful life’ and it is sort of a creative diary. It is written by Jocelyn de Kwant, a mindfulness journalist, and the illustrations are by Sanny van Loon. ‘Creative Flow’ is a workbook with 365 practical exercises that revolve around mindfulness. There are many drawing tasks, but also writing assignments and breathing exercises.

Creative Flow

In the introduction, Jocelyn talks about how she learned about mindfulness and how it helped her. I can relate to her story and I understand what she means with living a hectic life and wishing you can be more creative and relaxed. The 365 assignments in the book are exercises that helped Jocelyn and now she wants to share them.

Mindful chapters

The book is divided into twelve chapters; nature, senses, play, connect, create, body, meditate, doodle, work, explore, write and do nothing. Each chapter starts with a brief introduction to the subject. All of the pages are beautifully designed with fun illustrations.

I’m glad I bought this book and I can’t wait to start working on the exercises. Focus, with full awareness, and do something creative every day. No matter how small.


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  1. Oeh dit lijkt me super leuk! Hou je een beetje je progress bij? Ben benieuwd hoe het verloopt als je hem een paar weken bij aan het houden bent 🙂

    1. Ik probeer elke dag 1 opdracht te doen. Ik zoek er dan een uit die past bij de dag en bij hoeveel tijd ik ervoor heb.