Illustrating Fancy the Budgie

Fancy the Budgie

If you follow my blog or my Twitter, you’ve probably seen me rave about my budgie named Fancy.

He is such a cute little bird and I thought it would be nice to make an art journal page about him.

Want to know how I made my first illustration of a bird?


Tools & Materials

You can create illustrations using any art-making supplies. Illustrating and art journaling is a personal art form, so you can choose the supplies you like to work with.

I used;

  • My art journal
  • HB pencil
  • Watercolour paints
  • Pigma Micron pen in 02
  • Pictures of my budgie (& my actual budgie) as a reference

Illustrating a bird

How To

Step 1
Observe the basic shapes of the bird’s body. Start your sketch with these shapes.

Step 2
Add some details to your pencil sketch. For example, draw where the bird has special feather colors. Keep the pencil outlines light, so they won’t show up on your final illustration.

Step 3
Add some color! I decided to work with water colors. Make sure to use paper suitable for the materials you choose to work with. Create texture and colour variation by adding different paint colours and letting them bleed together.

Step 4
Let it dry completely.

Step 5
Once dry, I added details with my Pigma Micron pen.

Illustration of Fancy the Budgie

I was inspired to make my own illustration of Fancy the Budgie by the beautiful book Illustration Studie: Inking Animals. This book contains art, ideas and toturials from Sova Huova. I highly recommend this book to art lovers, journal artists and people who love animal illustrations.

I received an e-ARC of this book by NetGalley and Walter Foster Publishing.

Fancy the Budgie

Do you like illustrating animals?


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