How I use my Travelers Notebook as a stamp album

I’ve had my olive green pocket-size Travelers Notebook for a while now, but I didn’t really know what I was going to use it for. I have one grid and one blanc insert. Today I am working on my blanc insert. I decided to make it a small notebook to store my postage stamps.

Travelers Journal Stamp Album

I actually love how my cover turned out, if I may say so myself..
To create an air mail theme, I used washi tape, some stickers and a couple of vintage postage stamps to decorate the cover of my blanc insert.


How I created my stamp album

I didn’t just want to paste my postage stamps down on the pages. I want to be able to take them out. Some of them are vintage and I don’t want the stamps to get damaged.

That’s why I cut some strips of vellum paper. I had a couple of vellum envelopes in my stash and they were the perfect size to be made into stamp holders for my pocket size stamp album. I taped the vellum stripes onto the pages with small strips of double-sided tape.

This would have done the job just fine, but I’m a sucker for air mail themed stickers and washi tape. So I decided to decorate the pages a bit.

On the pages I left some space to tuck in a tag. On the tag I can write what postage stamps are on the page. Also I can keep track on which stamps I’m still missing from a collection.

Butterfly stamps

Beetle stamps

Some of the stickers and washi tape I used to decorate my Travelers Notebook stamp album are available in my Etsy store!

Air mail themed washi tape and stickers on Etsy

Do you collect postage stamps?

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  1. This is awesome, so creative! I love notebooks and scrapbooks though I can guarantee mine wouldn’t turn out as good as this!

  2. I love the cover a LOT! Very creative. I wish I could have a notebook and completely decorate it and use it for something I really care about but I just don’t have the time or the patience. I’m also not THAT crafty! xxx